Saturday, March 17, 2018

DIW Token ICO Review

DIW Token - How often do we face the problem of data storage Yes, all the time! When registering on sites, in social networks, on postal sites, when we work with our finances: Internet banking, electronic money, especially when working with cryptocurrency.

All of our passwords, usernames, keys, data of payment cards and bank accounts, other identification data need to be stored somewhere. In this case, store so that they do not get to third parties, very interested in the opportunity to profit. While we are thinking about this problem, we keep our secret data on USB flash drives and other media, constantly updating and changing them, the Digital Identification Wallet (DIW) project team has already taken care of everything.

On the DIW platform, not only physical, but also legal entities can store their confidential data; anyone who bought tokens DIW and paid them for using the platform. By creating an account, the user can safely place his secret electronic information there. For those who need to store large amounts of information, this option will be provided for an additional fee.

The DIW Global Directory
On the DIW platform there will be an algorithm for evaluating the data of each data owner. According to this algorithm, the data quality of each account holder, transaction history, comments and depth of view will be evaluated and based on this data the data owner will be assigned a DIW
Global Directory rating.

If the data owner will share his confidential information with the recipients of the data, his rating will vary depending on the score of the recipient's account. Only accounts that are rated as reliable will be placed in the DIW Global Directory.

Only after placing their data in the DIW Global Directory, companies or individuals offering any services will be able to offer their services to the community on the platform.

Pay by Escrow
To guarantee transactions between the buyer and the seller or the party providing the service on the DIW platform there will be the possibility of paying Escrow. Escrow is the possibility of escrowing funds or documents before the transaction is completed. The Escrow service will increase the level of trust, as well as the security of transactions between all parties involved.
For account holders on the platform, there is also the possibility of using a secure hardware purse.

Access to electronic health records (Electronic Health Record, EHR)
Another feature of the DIW project is the ability to grant an account holder access to their EHR by using DIW Healthcare module. Such access may be granted to registered medical institutions or insurance companies in order to obtain lower insurance premiums at rates.

It is also assumed that access to the EHR holders of DIW will be requested by the research centers, rewarding owners of EHR with DIW tokens. The provision of such access will help scientific organizations with research. Using the technology of a smart contract implemented by DIW, the holders will be able to determine to which EHR they allow access, and what the access time will be.

To implement the above, the DIW team conducts the initial proposal of DIW tokens. In total, 1 billion DIW tokens will be issued. 70%, i.e. 700 million tokens will be offered for sale during the ICO. The minimum purchase during the ICO will be 0.05 ETH. The rate of the DIW token during ICO: 1 ETH 11 764 DIW.

The team has not yet decided on the ICO start date, only that it will be in the 1st quarter of 2018 is known.

For more information about the project, its team, terms and dates of selling tokens, I suggest contacting the official sites of the company:
ANN Tread:
Technical documentation:


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