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microfinance has a long history throughout the world and for centuries has fulfilled an important need. In fact, various forms of microfinance had a major impact on economic development in Western Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries. In the last 50 years, microfinance has begun to make an impact in Asia and Africa through organizations such as Grameen Bank.

However, traditional microfinance has limited reach, and solutions have been targeted to poor farmers and small business owners. Middle-class consumers and business owners in developing countries have unfulfilled credit demands, but the current financial infrastructure in these countries does not support underwriting credit.

What is L-Pesa?
L-Pesa Microfinance is a startup fintech ready to take advantage of the financial services needs of the developing world quickly. The company has validated its operating model over the last 24 months and has built sophisticated technology, automating most operations. The main obstacle to growth at the moment is its ability to fund user acquisitions and loans. Ratio of losses on loans goes below 10% while loan repayments are around 25%.

The idea for L-Pesa was incubated for a decade, and business was launched at that time four important market forces gathered to allow scaling:
1. Great Data, Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain
2. Alternative Credit Data
3. Mobile Technology
4. Biometric identity

L-Pesa has leveraged this market power and built proprietary credit technology and modeling models that enable it to microlend quickly in developing countries while maintaining a loss ratio below 10%. The solution is highly automated, allowing a small back office team to support high volume loan origination. All loans are serviced by L-Pesa.

L-Pesa has a strong focus on automation. 95% of the acquisition process and automated user acquisition and underwriting are therefore highly measurable. The company has spent two years developing a customer-facing system and back office system using a team of seven software developers. The user experience is based on mobile and web interface, and marketing is mainly done through social media and SMS.

The L-Pesa technology stack builds on Amazon Web Services, a highly scalable on-demand cloud computing platform that has or has been used by major brands such as Netflix, Airbnb, Pinterest, and Spotify. L-Pesa has integrated a number of third-party applications to perform tasks such as SMS messaging, user verification, and marketing. Fund transfers are handled through integration with mobile money service providers such as M-Pesa, Airtel Money, Tigo Pesa, and MTN.

L-Pesa has issued over 38,000 loans since it aired in March 2016. More than 170,000 users have signed up based on social marketing campaigns with a minimum budget. The marketing strategy has been refined over the past 24 months, and L-Pesa is now ready to launch a marketing campaign via SMS and social media at a conservative projected $ 1.00 projected customer cost.

Vision Of The L-Pesa Project
L-Pesa was founded with a vision to improve people's lives through efficient access to credit and related financial services. It's about making the world a better place for everyone. L-Pesa began offering microfinance services in Tanzania in 2016 and has developed its service offerings and geographic footprint at an ever-increasing pace in pursuing this vision.

Krypton Token (LPK)
Krypton Token is built on Blockchain Ethereum which allows its holders to use L-Pesa financial tools at low cost.

Details of Token Sales
Token Sales Schedule April 10, 2018
Purchase of Ethereum Token, Bitcoin
Total Supply Tokens 2,600,000,000 LPK

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