Friday, March 16, 2018

OTPPay and Advanced Payment Technology

OTPPay - In today's market, the payments industry expects to continue growing at a healthy rate of interest but some powerful bullies begin to interfere in the development process. There is no doubt that the digital currency has caught the curiosity of many investors, journalists and the general public. Thus, upgrading in fiat fiat into crypto can help the industry get rid of this problem.

The digitalization world of the payment industry tells cripto assets to the current payments market. Thus, crypto disaster becomes a global phenomenon that is best known to society and companies. Cryptocurrency is money whose investments increase in value over time. This currency also enables fast and secure payment coverage around the world.

Cryptocurrency gave birth to a highly dynamic and fast-growing new market for spectaculars and investors. In addition, this currency has the potential to save the business and financial services industry from an incredible amount of money and time by eliminating intermediaries and undesirable costs.

One of the biggest problems encountered by the industry associated with Cryptocurrency is in converting their cryptography into fiat currency. This is one of the most vulnerable issues facing businesses and traders. It is very difficult to sell products in the market for Cryptocurrency knowing the fact that the market is very volatile.

About OTPPay
Due to this fact, businesses may have to face the problems involved in a market crash. Due to this problem, the idea of ​​OTPPAY is growing. OTPPAY wants to solve the problems that are integrated with the current market by creating an exceptional Cryptocurrency exchange platform where Cryptocurrency exchange to fiat currencies will become easier.

The OTPPAY platform serves as a bridge between Cryptocurrency and fiat currencies. The main focus of this platform is to create Cryptocurrency that can be used in everyday life of ordinary people. In addition, this platform protocol will deal with Cost Per Second (CPS) and Transactions Per Seconds (TPS) using smart equalization and value exchange techniques.

If you think that OTPPay is just another platform for managing payments, maybe you should look further into the development scheme and project development plan. What makes this platform different from the others is the flexibility it offers in managing your money. Whether it's a fiat currency (real money) or a cryptocurrency, feel free to use whatever way you like without hesitation or trouble.

OTPPay and Advanced Payment Technology
Most people already know or hear about cryptococcus - many of them already have their own crypto wallet. This is a new way in digital technology where you can send money, receive money, store it, spend it, shop around, and more through a simple transfer system. It's almost the same as online payments, but with better technology.

You see, when you use a regular banking account, the banks are responsible for your transaction. In crypto, on the other hand, you are responsible for your own transactions. Whether you want to keep track of the transactions you've made or you want to keep them separately, it's up to you.

The problem with crypto is that it tends to persist in its own platform. If you want to buy a cup of Starbuck coffee or you may be shopping for your favorite Walmart computer desk, will they accept the digital money? Do they have the technology? In most cases, the crypto you have will not be accepted.

 You must exchange digital currency first into paper money before you can shop on a regular basis. In short, no matter how many crypto tokens you have in your wallet, it will be considered useless if it can not be used as a means of payment.

This is what OTPPay is trying to change. They try to relate the gap between regular, centralized currencies and decentralized crypto. This means that you should be able to use crypto to pay for Starbucks coffee, for example, or finally buy a computer desk at Walmart. The developer team is not only trying to develop platforms and applications, but also trying to integrate these systems with existing platforms and technologies. Once a platform is launched, paying for coffee, taxi, or grocery shopping at a corner store will be possible - and it's easy too.

Omni Token Function
Omni token will be used to fund the project - as well as the main currency for the transaction. One of the coolest things about this OTPPay platform is that you can save other currencies, such as Ethereum or Bitcoin, and choose what you want for the payment.

The personal selling period is there at the moment, and investors can expect a 100% bonus for their purchases. During this sale, approximately 70 million tokens will be released: 35 million for purchase and 35 million for bonuses. The bonus for referrals is only 5% but can be very valuable. The price for 1 ETH equals 53,332 Omni tokens during this personal period.

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