Friday, March 16, 2018

Plentix and Key Benefits for All Users

Plentix - The idea of a platform dedicated to a decentralized referral program, like Plentix, may seem like an unimportant development, but you'll be surprised at how dramatic the overall changes in the economy and how the business is coping with its marketing strategy.

Such platforms are essential for business, as well as for customers and end users. This solves some common issues in purchasing goods as well as providing a better mechanism in choosing a product or service.

Greater Benefits
Of course, there are some common benefits people can get from joining the Plentix platform. Different users can benefit differently for their own personal experience.

1. For business
Every business owner can save quite a bit of money for marketing because they can focus on targeted markets and not worry about wasting valuable resources for useless promotions or advertising

2. For end users or customers
They can get good advice or feedback for the product (or service) that will be used. They gain enough insight and knowledge to make wiser and better decisions, and avoid spending money uselessly for things they do not like or need.

In addition to the benefits of each party, there are also other benefits to reap, such as:

1. A decentralized system, where there will be no 'great boss' who controls everything
2. Favorable, where everyone can use, control, and adjust
3. Innovative structure with various integration options. The plentix platform is designed to encourage businesses and developers to create their own modules and develop creative strategies based on real-world conditions
4. The types and options of flexible rewards. Depending on the business they can develop themselves to reward the referrer. Whether it's in the form of a token code or monetized discount, or whatever suits the business.

About PTN token
Each platform has its own currency, including Plentix. With PTN as their primary currency, special arrangements have been made to develop this token as well as better future adoption. The developer team has decided that they will release about 100,000,000 PTN, worth about $ 10 million in real money. From fundraising, several distribution schemes have been determined:

  • 30% dedicated to maintenance and product development
  • 25% for business growth and development
  • 15% for marketing and customer development
  • 10% is for backup, especially for the developer team
  • 15% for surgery
  • 5% is for legal issues

Interested investors can also participate in the presale launch as well as the regular token sales period, which is currently in progress. They can exchange Litecoin, Ethereal, or Bitcoin with this PTN token. Just visit the official site, click on the available sales links, and follow the instructions to purchase the token.

Adoption and care will be the main focus on developing tokens, especially after launch. The idea is to create a reliable, measurable, and stable currency that will keep its value - if possible, even higher. Better start investing with Plentix now than later, especially when the price is still low.

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