Monday, August 20, 2018

ARAW Token – Pioneer of Omnichannel System

ARAW Token - Practical but versatile! That's the best sentence that represents Araw Tokens. The system that uses blockchain allows the application process to be more flexible and can be done by everyone anywhere.

However, the connection with crypto, I think it still hasn't touched the whole community. Of course, because ordinary people generally do not know the cryptocurrency, they do not even know how e-commerce business goes further.

Therefore, Araw was present to answer these problems with an e-commerce ecosystem whose payment mechanism was decentralized. What is provided with such a system?
Araw wants to reach the global community to even lay people so that they can take simple and easy transactions. How to become a pioneer in using the omnichannel system.

For those who are not familiar with the term omnichannel, we can get this term from various sources. Omnichannel refers to sales from a number of channels (multichannel) that provide an integrated shopping experience for customers. This means that this system highly prioritizes customer satisfaction with various groups. If it is explained more practically, omnichannel combines physical stores, e-commerce or internet, mobile, social commerce, doing customer research and so on. Sophisticated, isn’t it?

Well, in this case, Araw is at the forefront of presenting an omnichannel system.
This system involves transactions including crypto money, thereby increasing the crypto market potential value. Then it will allow everyone to have shares in the form of cryptocurrencies. Araw Technology also supports the "Integrated Gift System", which ensures the greater potential consumer reach.

Araw Takes the Potential of the Crypto Market
Sales through e-commerce systems from 1.3 trillion dollars in 2014, are expected to double by 2020. The number of online buyers is also expected to increase from 1.46 billion to 2 billion by 2020. But this increase is not in line with the ease of transaction of crypto tokens to fiat money, or vice versa.

In this case, Araw presents Araw Touch & Pay Card as a solution for all transactions and get prizes. With these activities, customers will get Araw tokens through their daily transactions. Then you can use Arend tokens if they have been collected in a certain amount.
The use of this card is not difficult, because the system adopts the use of cards with technology as well as the use of ordinary transaction cards. The difference is, this card will not expire and can be used for cryptocurrency transactions.

There is also an Araw Mobile Wallet which is a cellular wallet that acts as a Cryptocurrency exchange where users can directly exchange their ARAW tokens to other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and others. Its use will be easy to use by everyone. "Araw's mobile wallet will be integrated with the Cryptocurrency Exchange where customers will be able to exchange their ARAW tokens with fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies." Quoted from the Araw Whitepaper.

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