Tuesday, August 21, 2018

CURAIZON - Healthy Must Not Be Expensive

"Healthy is expensive."
Everyone understands and often hears, but most people are aware of the high health costs if they are sick or have a sick family member. The high cost of health care when faced with various treatment procedures.

Because of the high cost of health and treatment, the most important accuracy. Imagine, what if there are medical problems, medication prescription errors, and so on. What costs should be in vain due to the mistake? The right data is already expensive, if it is disposed of with potential errors.

This is where the role of CURAIZON is

referring to the Curaizon website, that Hundreds of thousands of people die and hundreds of billions of dollars are wasted every year when patients around the world fail to take their medications properly.

CURAIZON solves the world's problems in health, by helping patients take their medicine correctly. Every day, millions of people fail, and they are very profitable. Around the world, non-compliance generates $ 700 billion in medical costs that can be avoided. Data modeling is unique and has tremendous value for pharmaceutical companies, researchers, and the government.

How Does CURAIZON Work in the Health World?
CURAIZON has the CuraServe feature.
CuraServe is an agency that aims to improve compliance with health services and benefits. Curaizon can increase accuracy in using drugs because the device is supported by sophisticated predictive modeling. Because the CuraServe solution helps patients, it also produces patient data. The data is then anonymized and available through CuraData. The only way pharmaceutical companies, academics, and researchers can access this data by buying Cura Tokens.

Curazon data is insight into the behavior and delivery of patients in real-time. Through companies with research institutions, national health services, and biotechnology companies, Curazon aims to create important data in health care.

The idea of Curaizon is to collect data from patients, with drugs prescribed by doctors during their treatment, using data to patients. Researchers who develop new drugs and thus improve the product, besides they can realistically, there are those who ensure that patients take their medication.

First, the advantages of Curaizon because of its unique data system. Its contribution is very large for companies, even researchers and government.

Second, filling patients using CuraServe technology, Curaizon data grows in utility and value.
Third, national health services. As part of the solution, Curaizon collects full anonymous data about how and when patients use the drug.

Fourth, CuraTokens ™ is the only way to access data. Tokens can be exchanged to access data, which will make medical research, reduce health care costs and save lives.

Finally, the CuraToken Value is based on real solutions to real problems.

Then, What Are the Benefits of the CuraToken Token Ribbon?
1. Cura Token is the only tool to get into Curaizon and access into it. 
2. For all CuraToken holders, to access data using predictive, AI, and large data in error messages talking drugs.
3. CuraToken allows real-time processing of patient behavior and consultation.
4. Cura Token also applies blockchain technology which has no doubt. Authentication, confidentiality, until telephone calls are guaranteed.
5. CuraToken facilitates partnerships with medical and pharmaceutical organizations from the token reward system.
6. For all CuraToken holders, knowing that they save lives almost all over the world with the help of drug non-compliance issues.

The token will be accessed by the token holder after selling the current token with the following distribution:

The presence of CURAIZON is an extraordinary world for the world of health, which deserves to be developed in the pharmaceutical world. Not only in developed countries, but also access in the health and pharmaceutical fields and need to be developed by developing countries.


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