Wednesday, August 15, 2018

KitToken ICO

Good Night! The umpteenth time I tried to make a review about KitToken which I think is very interesting to discuss.

Along with the development of blockchain technology, digital transactions globally are growing rapidly. Cryptocurrency businessmen need reliable and valid platform support if used in global transactions, and can be a good future opportunity.

What is KitToken?
KitToken is a platform that is a fully independent payment system based on peer to peer (P2P), so it can be said that the financial system is fully independent, can be done by individuals in a short time. In addition, the distribution can be done and applied throughout the world. Now the system is increasingly sophisticated by releasing variations in the form of wallets that are supported for use on gadgets both mobile and browser.

The purpose of this project is to create a global community of KitToken users who conduct transactions using KitPay.

How does it work?
KitPay is centralized in KitToken, allowing users to hold a wallet. As we know, in a system like this the wallet function can be used to store and also sell KitToken. However, the difference is it can be used for daily transaction activities.

KitPay Wallet is an open wallet between platforms, so that it can be used to love new addresses on the Ethereum blokchain, check KitToken balances, or forward transactions to other wallets, also make transfers and releases.

Why Ethereum? Yes, because KitToken was developed using Ethereum as a blockchain that implements a smart contract. By using Ethereum as the base layer, KitToken can easily execute every feature and rule in KitToken directly into smart contracts that are distributed and analyzed by the entire network. By utilizing the entire Ethereum facility, it can confirm transactions, including new blocks to the blockchain, which avoids hacking coins owned by users.

Special Advantages of KitToken
Practical! One word for KitToken. Why is that? Because KitToken makes almost all business fields such as trading various types of goods such as materials, services, health, hospitality, education and so on included in one KitPay circulation system. Circulation collected in one system erodes the gap between consumers and traders.

In addition, platform updates and bonus programs to attract many new users. Users whose activities at home can also get involved even to nearly 1 million participants who have the potential to provide a turnover of 2.5 trillion USD.

Then in terms of suppliers, develop area coverage up to 3 to 5% of profit. The KitToken system is also a marketing strategy that can be said to be serious, can attract investors, increase user loyalty to existing projects, and select potential users. In terms of cost, it is also relatively cheap because it does not require a long intermediary, and smart contract technology ensures high security for data and user activity.

Token project information:
Token name: KIT
Standard: ERC20
Total problem: 8 billion
Official sales: 3.5 billion
One token fee: 0.05 USD
SoftCap: 5 000 000 USD
HardCap: 175,000,000 USD
Minimum purchase volume: 100 USD
ICO Sale: now it's the 2nd stage from 11 to 20 August (20% bonus)

There are indeed many similar platforms today. However, in my opinion, KitToken has its own advantages, in terms of investment. Transaction problems were resolved in the old way with a fast and efficient KitToken solution. Besides that, an attractive bonus program for KitToken users is wide open and has the potential to develop this platform the more its users develop.

Author: pentol86
ETH: 0x23F5bADD1ABd047f0Dc93D71961BC2ed0C9f7Af8

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