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Zeering - Global Lottery Market, Based by Blockchain

Zeering - Hi Friend! Do you like buying lotteries with paper money? The time is now beginning to look at ways to publish the present with digital currency or cryptocurrency ... In Zeering there is uniqueness that cannot be found in the conventional lottery market.

What is Zeering?
Zeering is a place that can be used online using blockchain technology. Can be used with bitcoin, ethereum, or litecoin currencies, and so on.  For those of you who don't know what if a system uses a blockchain base, there will be several advantages, mastered:
1. Its decentralized nature
In this way, the official lottery is not centralized and will not be manipulated. The order number is only determined by the lottery machine used by established lottery companies.
2. Have a bright future
The future in this case because it is a favorite of people to create billions of people. With the blockchain system, the opportunity to become a millionaire with intelligent machines, people become more relevant and most appropriate in the future.
3. Transparency
Zeering that uses blockchain technology guarantees 100% transparency to customers. Customers can see for themselves the appropriate ticket on the dashboard, so that it can be used on the official lottery website.

How to play the lottery at Zeering
The copyright made by the Zeering site is motivated. Over $ 19 million per day from lottery purchase activities.  Despite the conventional method of purchase, the amount is high. Buyers must buy by processing Lotto retailers to get their lottery. However, for those who are big because they lost the ticket number, the ticket was damaged, or even forgot to check their lottery number. A total of $ 2.04 billion was not claimed in 2014, in which around 300 jackpot prizes detected were $ 1 million lost. Well, if you use Zeering, then a case like that won't happen again.

This is unique to Zeering compared to the Conventional Lottery System

1. Quick Pick, which is a random way to choose a lottery, not to choose numbers such as the usual lottery.
2. Anonymous, with cryptocurrency payments that keep the lottery player's privacy more closed.
3. Automatic Reset, where Zeering maintains a lifetime purchase history but can be re-ordered whenever you need it.
4. Favorite Number, where you can choose and maintain your favorite number at any time.
5. Zeering supports purchases with digital currencies to buy lotteries like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin.
6. Charity or a 10% contribution will be allocated from the sale of lottery distributed to the Charity agency you want.

Although there are many platforms that offer blockchain-based lotteries, Zeering still has its own advantages, namely providing many official governments such as Megamillion, Powerball, 6Pick and more! Zeering also brings together lottery players with lottery retailers who use tickets on behalf of customers.

ZING token
Zing Token is a tool that can be used to purchase tickets officially on the Zeering platform online. If the number of users increases then the Zing token value also increases. In addition, it is also very large, so the future of Zing is very bright.

Token Zing is a ERC20 standard contract created on the Ethereum blockchain, with the following sequences:
Token Name: ZING Token
Ticker: ZING
Blockchain: Ethereum
Type: ERC20 Smart-Contract Standard
Contract: 0x7a7e1c7157367e224542d92f3c8493bb4dc28878
Decimal: 8
Max. Supply: 110,000,000 ZING

There are a number of testimonies of Zeering customers who have gotten a big fortune in the wave:

Do you want to be lucky and successful like them? Let's join Zeering right now! 
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