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Gemera – Now, You Can Invest Colombian Emeralds With Crypto-Token

Gemera - Never imagined for me before, that the blockchain penetrated precious stones like the Colombian Emerald which is famous for its beauty and scarcity. It's amazing if emerald investments are usually only owned by the elite, now ordinary people can participate. All of this is due to the sophistication of blockchain technology, where the problem of trade chains and long transactions is solved. Through the creation of 100% crypto-tokens, Colombian Emerald assets can be obtained and investors (anyone) can store their value in the form of tokens. That is, by holding the GEMERA token, investors hold the emerald value mined and produced directly in Colombia, and stored in a safe bar.

Colombian Emeralds, source :

So, What is Gemera?
For an introduction, let's watch the video of GEMERA below:

GEMERA is a crypto-token backed by Colombian Emerald, where the company provides digital assets managed by blockchain technology and at the same time Colombian Emerald in physical form is stored in the security company safe deposit box. This means that with blockchain technology, investment is decentralized, cutting off third-party chains, but guaranteed integrity. In the absence of a third party, GEMERA bestows a 20% profit from the bonus during the Token Generation Event (TGA) to the investor, including even a small investment, and 15% for more producers, based on retail prices.

Investors no longer need difficulties with a variety of heavy procedures such as occurring in conventional precious stone investments, where they must hire experts in the field of precious stones to recognize their authenticity and value, because all the information you need is available. For example information about characteristics, certification, images, videos, in detail about this emerald shown on the GEMERA market. Includes audit results and company location safe deposit box where items are stored. The technology used is technology that is already familiar in the crypto world using the main Ethereum network. Certification and audit records will be kept decentralized using the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). You can see how the differences between traditional investment models and GEMERA models use blockchain technology, in the following table;

The Main Reasons for The High Demand for Colombian Emerald
Colombian Emerald has unique characteristics, especially in terms of its beauty and scarcity. In the precious stone market, the more rare and beautiful a stone, the more expensive and high its value. In the market, Colombian Emerald costs USD 5,000 to USD 15,000 per carat, depending on the quality. However, the highest quality Colombian emerald can reach a price of around USD 120,000 per carat. Fantastic price!  

Colombian Emerald is famous for its exceptional quality and is internationally renowned as the most balanced gemstone, meaning they are not too dark and not too bright. In various sources it states that this means that the precious stone has a perfect touch. Colombian Emerald also stands out because of its extraordinary clarity and size. In addition, emerald is very good as a value deposit (investment) because it has a series of advantages; physical attributes, scarcity, and historical background.

No wonder the 4Cs Emeralds, a company that produces and exports Colombian Emerald, is able to export USD 4.6 million in 2016 and increase to USD 11 million in 2017. Even since then the total amount of emeralds exported from Colombia is close to 126 million, according to National Federation of Colombian Emeralds.

Figure 1. Export of Cut Colombian Emeralds (USD)
Source: Fedesmeraldas
All the attributes inherent in Colombian Emerald make it the desired precious stone, the demand continues to grow and has not declined in recent years. In addition, no mining is found in other locations. Although there are emerald producers in Zambia and Brazil, the unique characteristics of Colombian Emerald are the most important and desirable differentiations in the world. Why is that? The secret lies in millenary elements including aluminum, silicate oxide, chromium, iron, and vanadium. The formation process was long around 30 to 38 million years ago, during the development of the Andean mountains. This then makes this emerald very unique and rare and becomes an attractive and profitable investment.

Token Information
As I mentioned above, that GEMERA is a token that is 100% supported by the physical assets of the Colombian emerald itself. In detail, you can see the token information in the following table;

Table 2. Emerald Information in Marketplace
While how the token generation is processed, can be observed in the following figure;

Figure 2. TGE Process

2017 Q2
o Make conceptions of ideas
o Research on the Colombian emerald industry
o Process Feasibility of the project

2017 Q3
o Establish partnerships with emerald producers
o Development of financial structures and business models
o Team settings

2017 Q4
o Construction of the Emerald Assessment Process
o Build smart contracts, web pages, and market development

2018 Q1
o White Paper publication
o Certification, assessment, delivery and storage of the first batch of emeralds

2018 Q2
o Planning a marketing strategy
o Fundraising campaign

2018 Q3
o Private Generation Token Program
o Execution of marketing strategies
Pre-Token Generation Events

2018 Q4
o Public Generation Token Program
o Merging new members to the GEMERA team
o Exchange integration

2019 Q1
o Certification, assessment, transportation and storage of emeralds to support all tokens issued in the first generation Token Event.

2019 Q2
Integration with new exchanges
o Development of blockchain storage from emerald information and IPFS certificates and audit reports

2019 Q3
o Audit of the saved emeralds
o Redemption Period
o Second Generation Token Events

2019 Q4
o Corporate Social Responsibility Report
o Certification, assessment, transportation and storage of emeralds to support all tokens issued in the Second Generation Token Event.

2020 +
o Annual Token Token Event until 2029

GEMERA belongs to a revolutionary project because it has taken the first step in the tokenization of rare and at the same time desired assets. By using the latest technology, it has and will change the emerald distribution chain in a "radical" manner, where the investment of high-end assets is closer to anyone.

Actually the most important is more than just investing. Through the emeraldization of the emerald of Colombia, GEMERA makes investment more democratic, transparent, accessible, and also carries out social and environmental initiatives. Investors indirectly contributed to the sustainable development of the community around the emerald mine.

Here are links for complete informations about GEMERA and so on ; 

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