Thursday, September 27, 2018

Loligo - Independent Blockchain, Minable Coins and High Block Gifts

If all this time I have always reviewed ICO with blockchain that relies on Ethereum, now Loligo makes an independent blockchain that can be mined and the block prize is high. This is your chance to analyze and participate in the Loligo project. I observed the project, including good and clear, with a reliable team of experts behind it. You can visit the related links to get complete information. One of them is the official Loligo website

About Loligo
LOLIGO is the safest and most advanced crowdfunding ICO platform, offering token creation through smart contracts called LCC and ensuring fair distribution of funds based on the participants' performance achievements. Loligo is the only ICO crowdfunding blockchain that provides protection for investors.
The advantages of Loligo include the security of investor funds participating in crowdfunding campaigns. Usually, investors do not have control over funds when the ICO is complete, but here is a guarantee of security. In addition, professional processes with good service because most ICOs usually have poor quality service and support. Loligo avoids that and offers great responsibility for investors.

Loligo offers a variety of solutions in the form of: making tokens through smart contracts called LCC, distributing fair funds based on participant voices, full interoperability on various ICO platforms, multi-wallet varieties for all uses, support in public exchanges, full decentralization based on mining, and special networks ICO.

To see the ecosystem in Loligo, you can see the following picture:

• Simple Multi-Tokas Online Wallet.
• ICO market.
• Professional Online Dashboard.
• Editing Simple Smart Contracts.
• Interoperability and Migration Facilities.
• Private Token Exchange
• New Generation Suite benchmark

Loligo uses a great opportunity in the development of blockchain technology and crowdfunding activities that have recently mushroomed. With the ICO market growing very fast to $ 14 billion in mid-2018, while in 2017 the value was still $ 5 billion, Loligo made its independent blockchain to supply market needs. The potential growth of the token price is also high since mid-2018 over $ 600 billion. Therefore, Loligo seeks to increase the chances of more ICO services at least 400 ICO per year.

By looking at its market potential, I have a belief that Loligo is very feasible for investment and advancing in the future.

Information and Distribution of Tokens
The total number of Loligo tokens sold is 16 million. Tokens sold during ICO will automatically be reported on the last blockchain. Next, because of the last currency is not an ERC-20 token so all ERC-20 tokens will be burned as soon as the balance is reported on the main blockchain. Information provided regarding the making, processing, and allocation of tokens all represent the current plan. Distribution plans can change at any time which will be officially announced through the Loligo social network.

For complete information about Loligo and ICO, please visit the following link:

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