Monday, October 15, 2018

CAPVERTO - Exchange Project Unbanked That is Very Pospective

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I want to introduce a very good and effective project for investors, namely CAPVERTO. Many investors are attracted by its potential and also reportedly have HYIP or High Yield Investment Program support. HYIP is a program that offers large profits in a relatively fast time. Many programs even offer up to 100% profit every month. Therefore, CAPVERTO is in great demand.

CAPVERTO is a decentralized exchange cryptocurrency with flexible performance. A currency that has a major advantage through design that directly meets the needs of a large majority in the form of non-banking. A currency that provides a comprehensive banking experience based on prepaid cards that are easy to use, with a fast and well-designed website interface.

Capverto offers the following:
Prepaid card program
Secure P2P Borrowing
Copy the trading platform
Cryptocurrency insurance, and
The smart contract that can be expanded

Cards of Capverto

Capverto warranty agreement
Capverto has a function as a framework that can be expanded with an open source code that users can use to create applications from blockchain. The application allows users, individuals or companies, to be able to create a special blockchain.

Prepaid card program
Capverto developed a prepaid card program that serves as a link between money and cryptocurrency. If you as a user have a prepaid card, then you will receive a number of CAP tokens according to the level of the purchased card, which starts at 100 for the basic blue card.

Amazingly, you can use a Capverto card for purchases in stores and online. When you buy the card, getting up to 2 percent of each transaction is reinvested in the CAP, which ultimately affects the value of the token. There is also a full-scale reward system that can bring discounts directly from affiliated sellers.

Secure P2P Borrowing
Capverto Exchange provides safe and convenient P2P transfers. There is something more profitable than holding back the cryptocurrency and hoping that it will be appreciated, currency holders can here give up to half of the value of their remaining assets and to gain interest. An annual interest rate of 8 percent, the amount that lenders can get immediately. At the same time, borrowers can also benefit from not relying on traditional financial institutions.

The place to Copy Trading Platform
With Capverto, now users can easily follow and copy trades and other people's portfolios. Trading copy makes it easy for new users to start and influence the value of CAP tokens. There is 10 percent of the profits earned on the platform, can be exchanged between genuine traders and Capverto capital. Here the reduction and division take place automatically, and then the exchange reinvests its share in the CAP.

Cryptocurrency insurance
There is a unique feature on the Capverto platform, cryptocurrency insurance that can provide users with peace of mind that their valuable assets are safe from theft. This product inspired the famous Mt Gox located in Tokyo. Capverto Exchange offers products in the form of partnerships with RiskPoint. So, the existence of insurance in Capverto is very much more value.
The smart contract that can be expanded

Capverto has the infrastructure of open source software, which users can use to create specific application chains. You can learn more about this in your GitHub repository, where you can learn how to use your smart contract to create your own custom chains.

For more information about Capverto, please visit the following link:
Technical document:
ETH wallet: 0x23F5bADD1ABd047f0Dc93D71961BC2ed0C9f7Af8

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