Monday, October 15, 2018

EtainPower - Renewable Energy Supported by Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In this article, I will introduce a renewable energy project called EtainPower. I see that this project is not only talking about investment but the interests of the natural environment and the good of the future of the world. EtainPower's research states that conventional fossil fuels have so far been believed to have contributed to severe pollution to the environment and cannot be repaired. Even in the last few years, the potential caused by long-term conventional fossil energy for global warming and pollution is known. Therefore, many governments issue policies to promote the development of renewable energy projects. Unfortunately, the financing of this project is not much and gets as much support as conventional energy projects. Therefore, EtainPower conducts projects to support the future of a healthy nature globally.

About EtainPower
EtainPower is a financing for renewable energy and trade ecosystem that is empowered by blockchain technology and AI (Artificial Intelligence). The project was supported by a team of top engineers from Silicon Valley. EtainPower, in this case, introduces the future technology architecture that is blockchain so that the problem of limited assets above can be overcome. With blockchain, the project will be easier, free, and quickly traded, which is certainly a safe decentralized system.

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The most important thing is who is behind this innovative project. The founding team at EtainPower has extensive experience in the blockchain field of renewable energy and also in the field of artificial intelligence. EtainPower combines blockchain and AI technologies and applies them to global energy networks. The aim is to break the position of traditional energy giant monopolies and bring true decentralization to a smarter energy ecosystem.

EtainPower Solutions for Investors and Renewable Energy Projects
With its proven ecosystems and platforms, EtainPower is ready to solve funding problems, facilitate investment for investors, and overcome logistical challenges faced by a global power system. There are two solutions offered:

First, the EtainPower Platform creates effective new channels for global investors to access and also the investment process in transparently energy projects. The platform provides a list of projects that can be searched while conducting due diligence on each project. The aim is to ensure quality standards, whether they have been fulfilled or not. Furthermore, the platform can inform investors about the strengths and weaknesses of each project.

In this case, the project investor is no longer limited to obtaining fiat currency from the project location. They will also receive energy tokens that can be converted to EtainPower tokens or can be used to buy electricity or other services in the EtainPower ecosystem.

Second, EtainPower will use AI technology which aims to overcome logistical challenges for electricity networks. This system will later optimize renewable energy and increase the elasticity of the electricity network.

EtainPower Roadmap
Q3 2017, EtainPower has officially begun
Q3 2018, Signing a contract with Antigua electric utility
Q3 2018, PPS Wallet 1.0 Complete audit criteria for project financing
Q4 2018, the 600MW beta PPS Crowdfounding Platform and energy project contracts were signed
Q1 2019, Building a Crowdfunding Platform 1.0
Q4 2019, Increase capital for the 4 GW project
Q1 2020, Launches a trading application with P2P EV-rental & EV-Charging Services
Q4 2020, Smart Capital 2.0 Smart Grid system for 16 GW projects

EtainPower's founding team has extensive experience in the fields of renewable energy, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. The blockchain-based EtainPower is guaranteed to reform the traditional centralized power sector so far. Its distinctive and sophisticated nature connects renewable energy producers, investors, consumers, and electricity networks through the AI ecosystem.

For more information about EtainPower, please visit the following link:
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