Thursday, October 25, 2018

Remco (Remittance Token) - Decentralized Money Delivery Token

REMCO - Delivery of universal money is no longer taboo at this time. Since its presence, many things have changed, but there are also things that remain the same.

Current considerations are mostly given to the advanced remittance industry because most senders pay attention to and regulate special procedures. In fact, even online money exchanges, money transfer organizations cannot easily focus without a proper specialist system. Specialists referred to here, sending money to specialist organizations provides an open view to the senders and recipients of cash on their networks. Because many operators offer their services to more than one money transfer organization, there is a sign of loyalty as a test of cooperation. Many specialists only direct clients in terms of money transfer organizations that offer the largest commission at the time. This is a very interesting thing in which the government is commodified.

RemittanceToken is responsible for financial aspects and practices like this. Specialists have a very large share in reducing exchanges up to 90%. So the commission received at this time may be very large tomorrow. This is what becomes the role and reliability of operator roles here.
Ultimately, RemittanceToken security limits the ideal opportunity for payment processing. This is a very important part because most specialists serve their own networks. In this way, there is no need for the sender to contact them about the status of the exchange that starts faster and excels a few days.

interface for users

RemittanceToken works on personal permits in order to regulate the use of tokens that can be programmed to be exchanged for cash. This is done by utilizing the API association which is coordinated with the destination bank and portable wallet accompanied by various instructions. This framework allows to generate tokens on the system for circulation and terminating their clients or operators. This token can be modified with monetary standards. The buyer or sender will use a multipurpose application online to start cash exchange. So in this way, the sender can feel a real exchange.

This framework will make requests to shipping associations to meet satisfaction, reciprocity and continuous response. This framework also provides two continuous information regarding prices and utilization of tokens during the duration of tokens.

The token address will save the user's value so that it can replace the card or number in a conventional transaction. Address token lengths may not be feasible because of the substance restrictions of multipurpose phones and PC devices. Then sending tokens is connected to the set of random numbers and other identifiable properties that will be provided to the buyer or transmitted to their phones continuously.

The advantages and prominent differences in the Remco platform include:
Blockchain Multichain, which uses the blockchain tradition that does not require an SRR and also has no fees. This results in a speed and store storage costs that are not equal to customers.
Powerful Approval, that is by means of more than one period of experience related to the acceptance and maintaining the cash position.
Installments with Smart Speed, this makes users not long to wait for the frame pack or any direct portion form.
Commission for Specialists, Remco outlines trading methods for pros and offers the possibility of additional commissions due to the size of the sender's tendency.
Artificial awareness, he explained by designing more insightful stages through AI (artificial intelligence).

This project has an inventory of 2,000,000,000 aggregate tokens and these tokens will be shared as shown below:

Pre-Sales Private and Public sales: 65% of total supply
Founder, Management, and Adviser amounted to 15% of total supply
Marketing by 5% of total supply
Business partners amount to 5% of total supply
Reserves amount to 10% of total supply

For complete information about REMCO, please visit the link below:
ETH: 0x23F5bADD1ABd047f0Dc93D71961BC2ed0C9f7Af8

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