Sunday, December 9, 2018

EOSex - Established Hybrid Exchange for the EOS Community

EOSex - The emergence of cryptocurrency tokens on the basis of the Ethereummikal protocol in 2017 is so high. The conditions used for many things continue to grow and require a reliable container of crypto exchange. Some important points in crypto are increased decentralization, openness, transparency, and strong performance. The EOS exchange has taken a long time in pioneering the ideal exchange, especially with an algorithm known as Delegrated Proof of Stake under EOS. This system offers a good commercial operating system with fast transactions and scalable smart contracts. Nonetheless, the progress of EOSex continues to be built and strengthened by EOS having dApps and a high-quality public position chain.

About EOSex
EOSex in its project is currently building a one-stop global trading platform for quality assets. The EOS platform is digitally reliable, secure, fair and transparent. Not only trading crypto, EOS also trades financial derivative products.

EOSex Overcome the Problems of Exchange Faced So far
There are several factors used by various sizes, especially in low volume trading terms. This is what is called cryptocurrency that goes up to thousands, but adds to the quality of the token increases, then a larger exchange to compensate by continuing to add some new money in their formation. At present it is funds circulating in the crypto market circulation that are siding with volume. In addition, investors find it difficult to get out of their tokens because fluctuations in established tokens and competing parent tokens without the token will be fought or not.

In addition to trading volume issues, there are also problems to be noted on the exchange because it is very large and very large for the ownership of the project registration. Meanwhile, which token selection cannot occur in Berlin. Finally, the project spends a large portion of the funds they make to pay the recording fees.

Finally, there are currently very few digital exchanges that offer trading in futures products. It also offers very little trading in option products. So, even though the cryptocurrency industry is global in nature, crypto traders on average only have very limited access. Therefore, efforts need to be made to create truly global trade.

What does EOSex offer?
EOS has strong potential from experts to build platforms that can take advantage of the waves that will occur in digital trading on the EOS platform. The team with confidence here is building the website that we now know. Technology uses advanced modeling to create a trading platform that has high performance for users. A platform that is user-centered, creating a sense of loyalty from the first time. In addition, there is information disclosure regarding funds and data as EOSex's top priority. The way is, the funds are kept separate in two online wallets with 98% of the exchange funds stored at cold storage at any time. After the steps are taken, EOSex can be in the form of an online wallet and the number on cold storage.
If we compare EOSex with the opposite, it can be seen in the table below:
Future EOSex Plan
EOSex has a vision of becoming a qualified skill mission, by offering a place for digital commerce, CFD trading and in-chain trading. EOSex or the plan to issue an exchange token called EXP or EOSex Proof. After this token is published, EOSex is no longer an independent blockchain entity, but a distributed company controlled by the community, EXP token holders, and the EOSex foundation. The TID EXP token holder will share the profits generated by EOSex. So, EOSex will be a community-based platform that works with partners and members to become a one-stop digital platform.


The investment schedule for EXP has now been completed since November 20, 2018, but you can update information or visit websites, social media, and telegram channels for teams that can be done in potential EOSex investments. I am sure, if there is perseverance and you see opportunities in EOSex, communication will be open with the founding team.

If you want to know more about the EOSex project, please visit the following link:
Username : pentol86
BTT profile:;u=843467

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