Tuesday, December 11, 2018

SEYBLOCK - A Decentralized, Supported Stellar Escrow System Issued by the Ripple Protocol

Seyblock - For cryptocurrency business people, Ripple coins must be familiar, especially investors who are looking for established coins. Let alone coins that are already established, creation tokens from ERC20 with a new blockchain technology project can also make investors believe. Provided that the project is indeed convincing and reliable in the future. However, this is quite a problem nowadays when Ethereum and Bitcoin face scalability problems. Finally many began to think of alternative coins, one of them being Ripple.

Of course here I am not saying that ETH and BTC are no longer potential, but let us focus more on the meaning of "alternative" where what is offered by SEYBLOCK is an alternative solution in the current market conditions. I am sure, investors agree to make alternatives in the middle of their investment activities in order to reduce risks that cannot be predicted in the future.
Stellar is a platform released from the Ripple protocol in 2014. The Stellar crew revealed that the network can easily handle 1,000 transactions per second at this time. The transaction settlement time is estimated to be around 2 to 5 seconds.

So, what is SEYBLOCK?
Seyblock is a decentralized, transition, transaction, escrow system and a News Platform. The Seyblock system offers income from investment and offers riskless services. Currently Seyblock is in the process of connecting with the stock exchange, so investors are expected to continue to follow the road map in their website https://www.seyblock.com/ 

What are the advantages offered by Seyblock?
As an escrow supported by established protocols, Seyblock has many advantages that can be used as consideration for investment, including:
Global Coverage Transactions
Transactions in Seyblock are of no geographical limits. Transfer of money can be done very quickly, reliably, and can make transfers even in very small amounts. Thus, everyone who uses Seyblock will be able to connect with tires, make payments, and be able to trust everyone in the world without having to worry about issuing multiple payments.
Powered by Stellar Lumens
As mentioned above, Seyblock is supported by Stellar Lumens. We can consider this considering that Bitcoin and Ethereum face a large scalability problem at this time. Whereas Stellar found a very impressive growth solution in the Blockchain industry with the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP).
Fast Transactions
As a system built on blockchain technology, the transaction offered by Stellar is classified as the fastest, which is only 2 to 5 seconds. In that short period of time, payment has occurred in the user's wallet. Transactions in the network occur in a variety of ways including payments, offers, and costs are a package of transactions in Seyblock.
Small Issued Costs
There is a distinct advantage in the Seyblock (XLM) system, that only 0.00001 x network costs include many transactions in the ledger. This fee is calculated less than Ethereum and Bitcoin, while the transaction speed is far better.
Secure Payment
Security is the main hope in any transaction. Therefore, the technology used is industry standard public key cryptographic tools and techniques. This means that the code has been tested and understood well. All transactions on the network are public, which means that the movement of funds can always be audited. Every transaction that occurs is signed by anyone sent using the Ed25519 algorithm.
Solving Scalability Problems
Scalalability is the ability of the system to handle the burden and estimate of additional loads without reducing the performance of the system. The estimated Seyblock processing rate is 1000 operations per second. The Stellar network that is distributed consists of servers running Stellar Core software, namely those that store local copies of network ledgers, communicate and stay in sync with other examples of Stellar Core on the network.

Price of Seyblock Tokens
The Seyblock project expert team has conducted a market analysis so that experts are evaluating prices and benefits to investors. The following are projected prices, with predictions that Seyblock coins will reach the market cap within 5 months.
The price of 1 month is 0.8 USD
The price of 2 months is 2.37 USD
3 Months Price is 2.70 USD
4 Months Price is 3.50 USD
5 Months Price is 4.21 USD

This is a review of the potential Seyblock escrow project for the financial future and also for investment. If you want to get information about Seyblock, please visit the following link:

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